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I'm the living proof that you can make your own wine/beer in a small semi-basement apartment!

About The passion project

Brasseur Urbain

Hello! My name is François Savard and I live in the Greater Montreal area. Le Brasseur Urbain, or urban brewer in English, is a passion project that began in 2019 with the primary goal of sharing with others the pleasure of making your own fermented beverages.

In 2022, I decided to pause the blog that documented some of my various experiments. To my surprise, I continued to receive messages and some of my articles were still helping people. 

Rather than a journal, this new site is a collection of relevant resources and guides on multiple levels. It will evolve slowly over time.

All this is done on a voluntary basis and the costs are paid out of my own pocket. If you like what you see, or find it useful, every little donation goes a long way towards covering the platform's expenses. Merci!

François Savard, also known as Leonin

I’m also a Game studies practitioner-researcher. Here is my Ko-fi : https://ko-fi.com/francoissavard